Karolina & Julio | Californian wedding in Kraków

“Sometimes, when we least expect it, we catch a glimpse of someone, a face, perhaps only a smile, and our heart latches on and will not let go.”  R.W.

This is what exactly happened to Karolina and Julio. She came to California for a short holidays. After meeting Julio Karolina re-scheduled her flight back to Poland twice so they both could stay together longer. When she eventually returned to Poland, her heart stayed in California. They kept in touch, tried to meet as often as possible, but love across the ocean wasn’t easy.  But it was a love from the first sight so Karolina and Julio knew, sooner or later they will be together.

Karolina came to California again in July 2015 and 2 months later they decided to get married. Exactly one year later they said 'yes’ again, this time surrounded by family and friends in Karolina’s home town, beautiful Kraków.

It was an amazing day. Colourful, unique, full of love and happy tears. Karolina and Julio thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day.


Karolina was getting ready in her Mum’s amazing apartment. I couldn’t have asked for a better back drop for my pictures!

karolinajuliopostweb-2-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-3-of-80

This dress… A dream!


Julio is probably one of the most romantic grooms I’ve ever met! He wrote couple of touching letters for Karolina that she red in various moments of the day. Each time she smiled, laughed… and of course cried.

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Yet another one : )

karolinajuliopostweb-12-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-13-of-80

Karolina you looked stunning! And your dress… oh your dress…


Meantime team Julio was getting ready couple of streets away.

karolinajuliopostweb-16-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-17-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-18-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-19-of-80

Team work is the key!

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Julio surprised Karolina with the letters. And she surprised him too. String quartet played something very special for Karolina’s walk down the aisle. It was their favourite song „I will follow you into the dark”. Julio got very emotional (and I did to!).

karolinajuliopostweb-26-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-28-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-29-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-30-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-31-of-80

Throughout the ceremony they looked at each other, hold hands, smiled, laughed… and of course got watery eyes.

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And now everyone please fall in love with the amazing decor by Ma Fleur! Magda you did such an amazing work and I know Karolina and Julio loved it as much as I loved photographing it.


And look at this beauty by Posiłki. All the guests just couldn’t resist how amazing it all looked and started to sneaky try these goodies before dinner! Naughty! But hey, everything was so delicious they are all forgiven.

karolinajuliopostweb-42-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-43-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-44-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-45-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-46-of-80

Look at these paper flowers. They made the decor of the venue complete. Absolutely stunning. Well done Paper Flower Art!

karolinajuliopostweb-47-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-48-of-80

Gosh! That was a speech! Everyone (including me) at some point got emotional and couldn’t hold their tears. Karolina’s sister gave an amazing and moving  speech in 3 languages so everyone could understand it. So thoughtful and sweet of her.

karolinajuliopostweb-49-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-50-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-51-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-52-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-53-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-54-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-55-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-56-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-57-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-58-of-80

And here goes the… cake! By one and only Posiłki!


OK, now, who can spot something funny on this picture? When I saw it I laughed so hard : )


1st dance was something special. Karolina’s friend sang it live with live piano accompaniment. The song was Hallelujah, and when it comes to chorus everyone sang it for the newly weds. Amazing.

karolinajuliopostweb-61-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-62-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-63-of-80

Karolina is a great singer, so after the 1st dance she decided to sing a song for the guests with her friend. Everyone listened with the smiles on their faces.

karolinajuliopostweb-64-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-65-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-66-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-67-of-80

The day after the wedding we met again… for a photo shoot! It was a mixture of fun and romantic. The type of mixture I love the most : )

karolinajuliopostweb-68-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-69-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-70-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-71-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-72-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-73-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-74-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-75-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-76-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-77-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-78-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-79-of-80 karolinajuliopostweb-80-of-80

Many thanks to those great people. Without your hard work this day wouldn’t be the same:

MUA / Makijaż: Angelika Olsza
Hair / Włosy: RUP Coiffeur
Flowers & Decor / Kwiaty & Dekoracje: Ma Fleur
Paper flowers / Papierowe kwiaty: Paper Flower Art
Sweets / Słodkości: Posiłki
Venue / Miejsce: Studio Qulinarne

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