Kyra & Melvin | London

Do you remember the moment you met someone so nice and easygoing you knew you will become friends forever.

I do, and I remember it clearly.
It was my 4th month in London & 3rd day at my new job & I was about to meet my first clients, on a couples shoot. I was excited; super focused, very nervous and a little stressed.
Basically, all the emotions you feel when you’re trying to prove yourself at a new job!

Luckily the couple was Kyra & Melvin, both were extremely nice, humble and had beautiful & honest smiles! Oh, and so good looking!

Working with them was so much fun. My stress vanished instantly! We talked, laughed and really bonded!
After the shoot Kyra and I stayed in touch. And slowly our friendship grew!

Now whenever I come to London I always visit her. We shoot, eat, walk fast, talk, talk and talk like there is no tomorrow.

One day we all decided to go to the park and capture something special – their love! And here is the result!

Kyra & Melvin you know I love you and Kyra, I can’t wait till you come Poland to visit me end of March! Yay! M


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  1. WiolaF
    8 czerwca 2017 / 8:30 PM

    Musze powiedziec ze fajnie sie czyta twoje posty 🙂

      14 lipca 2017 / 9:06 AM

      Ah dziękuję! Zastanawiam się też nad pisaniem postów bardziej technicznych i informacyjnych. Co ty na to? Trochę o sprzęcie, trochę porad itd 🙂

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