Nabeela & Salman | Abu Dhabi Engagement

We met through a hashtag on Instagram. And as crazy as it may sound, we became friends instantly!

Nabeela and I are wedding photographers and last year we took a part in Instagram challenge. I remember when I saw a picture of her for the first time. Her eyes were full of joy and she had a big smile on her face – straight away you could tell she is an extremely positive person! Then I read her 'about me’ post and I said to myself – That’s my girl!!! Since then we supported each other work, chatted along and laughed out loud. So when I found out I will be flying to Japan in April, and my flight change is in Dubai, I wrote to her immediately! We decided we will meet and so we did. And it was great! I felt like I saw my old friend again. We hugged, talked non stop, screamed, laughed and of course took some pictures of each other daaah! : )

Then while we were having dinner Nabeela said 'You know, when I will be getting married I would like you to be my wedding photographer’. I thought, what a really nice thing to say <3 But back then I didn’t know that couple months later I will be flying to Dubai to photograph Nabeela’s wedding FOR REAL!

So it happened. The dream came true. Tymek and I were going to Abu Dhabi to experience something amazing. Wedding of Nabeela and Salman! I was so happy I can’t even tell you. For three years while living in London I shot indian weddings every weekend and after moving back to Poland I missed it so much. So here we were about to see amazing and colourful clothes, details and jewellery, smell and eat delicious indian food, listen to the best indian music and what is the most important, see those true and real emotions between the couple, their family and friends.

But one day before Nabeela and Salman’s Big Day we all went to the wedding venue and to the most amazing beach I’ve seen in my life to shoot those two love birds <3 Enjoy!

Ps. Nabeela your natural beauty is killing me….



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