Ola & Steven | Willa Domańskich

Finally my dreams came true! I went to a 100% vegetarian wedding ❤ I wish I have more couples like Ola & Steven because not only I love to eat but I also get SUPER hungry at weddings… always ????

Guys where do I even start? I waited for your wedding for SO LONG! But we made it! Against all the obstacles this and past year brought to us, you and your lovely family and friends made it happen…. and it was truly BEAUTIFUL ❤

Ola you looked like a greek queen ( ❤ ) and Steven by your side looked so elegant and GOOD too! Thanks to your happiness, calmness, joy and big love, we will all cherish this day forever.

Big thanks to one and only Ceremony Concept – organizacja wesel for being by your side and helping organising this lovely wedding for you.


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