Weronika & David | Love in Zürich

I remember that I was very excited to meet Weronika for the first time. After exchanging many messages and emails I knew there was something special about that girl. We decided to meet in one of the coffee shops on Florianska street in Kraków. When I saw her my heart melted. Wow, what a pretty girl – I thought! We sat down and started talking I found out she is not only beautiful outside but also inside.

The city where they met and where their love blossomed was Zurich. So there was no better place for us to shoot their engagement session than in this city!

After those 3 days spent with Weronika nad David I got really close to them. They are incredibly beautiful people inside and out. They took such a good care of me and surrounded me with their warmth and goodness. I really felt like I know them since forever. Thanks to people like them my work is also my love. Because who doesn’t love meeting new people who instantly become your friends?






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